How we make decisions at TDF

Traditional Dream Factory is the first land-based DAO in Europe.

We're at the frontier of new ways of organising, and there are not many blueprints to follow yet. Here's how we are setting it up (in progress).

Note: This is a birds-eye overview. For details consult respective documents.

TDF is the first Land Base within OASA Network.

The TDF Land is held by a Portuguese Company. The Portuguese Company is controlled by a Swiss Association.

Swiss Association is an entity in itself, that binds all Land Bases within OASA Network to the Regenerative Land Use Agreement. That's the foundational and common use ALL land-bases share. All other decisions, as long as they align with this agreement, are within the sovereignty of each Land Base.

Each Land Base is governed by their respective DAO, which makes all decisions, in agreement with regenerative agreement.

Each Land Based DAO within OASA Network issues a token (in TDF we call it Carrot).

Every Member who also holds Carrots can participate in the governance of TDF as explained in our whitepaper.

ℹī¸ We're aiming to pre-launch Carrots in December 2022.

Decision Making

TDF operates as a Do-ocracy:

"As creatives we constantly generate ideas. Having mere proposals is adding an information load to the others. Taking action on those proposals, forming teams, creating an MVP, and pushing for the factoring of those ideas is what we stand for and want to see at TDF." -- Pink Paper

To encourage collective alignment and proactive manifestation of our shared dream of REGENERATIVE living as a common planetary goal, we've adopted the following model of decision-making:

Members can participate in Circles - small working groups focused on a specific domain.

Circles make decisions within their domain and communicate with Stewards to compile and implement the Masterplan.

Stewards are Members on the ground who commit to steering TDF for a period of 3.5 months, and implementing the Masterplan created together with Circles.

ℹ See the Participate section of this handbook for details on MemberSHEEP, Circles and StewardSHEEP.

Tech Stack

We're using the following technology:

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