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How to become a memeber of the Traditional Dream Factory

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Being a Member of the Traditional Dream Factory (TDF) means that TDF is one of your homes 🌈,

As a Member you can:

  • book a stay at TDF without a need for approval

  • stay at TDF at running costs, if you hold Carrots (our token)

  • earn tokens in exchange for your contribution

  • take part in our governance system and decision-making processes

  • become a Steward

  • (and more...)

With great power, however, comes great responsibility:

We expect our Members to actively participate in developing TDF by visiting at least once per year, participating in our community calls, and living up to the values of TDF. By applying to become a member of TDF, you commit to living up to our MemberSHEEP Agreement.

How to Become a Member

After your first visit at TDF, you can be invited to start the journey of becoming a Member, following our vouching process.

You'll need to:

  • spend some time at TDF (> 14 nights)

  • fill in the application form below (which includes signing of the MemberSHEEP Agreement)

  • receive three vouches from existing members

👉 Apply to become a member 👈

For more details, see our TDF MemberSHEEP & Vouching Process.


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